Research papers on marketing communications

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Papers People. If you feel it now you will think it later: The interactive effects of mood over time on brand extension evaluations. While mood has been found to affect brand extension evaluations, the specific mechanisms by which it affects those evaluations remain largely untested.

This study suggests that mood-induced differences in cognitive processing style This study suggests that mood-induced differences in cognitive processing style relational vs.

Results of two experiments showed that consumers in a positive vs. The effects were found immediately after exposure Experiment 1 and after a one-week delay Experiment 2.

research papers on marketing communications

Theoretical and practical implications are discussed. Save to Library. George Anghelcev. There is an urgent need to take immediate steps to not only contain the spread of the Corona virus but also to address the key pain areas of the industry to minimize the impact of the outbreak on the Indian economy and businesses. A combination of monetary, fiscal and financial market measures is needed to help the businesses and people cope with the crisis.

Therefore, to be able to frame correct actions and policy measures, it is important to understand clearly the specific problems that people and businesses are currently facing.

research papers on marketing communications

This alone can enable the government to take appropriate measures. Student mobility in transnational higher education: Study abroad at international branch campuses. The purpose of this research is to investigate the extent to which universities actively encourage students to participate in study abroad at an international branch campus IBC owned by the university. We suggest that the quality of We suggest that the quality of information on study abroad provided by an institution in its website may be a good indicator of the institution's ambition or not to have students moving from the home university to a branch campus for study abroad.

The selected institution websites were subjected to mixed method data analysis, which included a content analysis procedure. To effectively promote IBC-based study abroad, we advise universities to address the student decision-making process, as suggested by the hierarchy of effects model.

The article deals with the promotion of sales, the comparison of personal and non-personal sales forms of marketing communications, personal sales and its advantages, as well as the negotiation process in the use of personal sales and the The article deals with the promotion of sales, the comparison of personal and non-personal sales forms of marketing communications, personal sales and its advantages, as well as the negotiation process in the use of personal sales and the role of trading staff.

With the developing and fast converting technology, marketing strategies have also changed to fulfill the demands and needs of consumers. Recent advancements in AI and machine learning and worldwide acceptance of internet and messaging Recent advancements in AI and machine learning and worldwide acceptance of internet and messaging platforms have inspired companies to focus on chatbots. Chatbot can be defined as AI based computer program that can talk to people and be in active communication.

They are also called as virtual assistants that understand human capabilities. According to recent data, chatbots are important for the brands to survive for the future. The main objective of the research is to find out how chatbots can contribute to business marketing strategies and how businesses should develop it so they can be used for communication with customers.

The results of the study shows that chatbots can be a great tool for customer communication but businesses should be paying a lot of attention to customer's mindset and develop chatbots by using AI more efficiently. Rational and irrational behavior of Slovak consumers in the private label market. Rational and irrational consumer behavior has already been the subject of several studies.As Uber entered unique regional markets around the world, it adapted its business model to comply with regulations and compete locally.

As the transportation landscape evolves, how can Uber adapt its business model to stay competitive?

Free research papers on social media and marketing

Read the Transcript. To promote the greatest safety, public health officials should target their pandemic messaging to men differently than to women. Research by Vincent Pons and colleagues.

Open for comment; Comment s posted. This study of 61 elections around the world finds that vote choices aggregate a lot of information obtained during the electoral season, but the contribution of TV debates to this process is negligible. This paper argues with examples and predictions that while marketing science theory, engineering, and machine learning capabilities are changing the way we think about marketing, true advances will come when marketing managers know when to trust the machine and when to trust their instincts.

Countries such as Israel now realize they need to engage in public diplomacy as well as foreign diplomacy, and in place branding, not just political advocacy, says Elie Ofek. Five studies show when and why such identity appeals backfire. Identity appeals may fail equally whether they evoke negative or just milder stereotypes. If you want to convince consumers to stay away from unhealthy diet choices, don't be subtle about possible consequences, says Leslie John.

These graphically graphic warning labels seem to do the trick. Charitable organizations provide all kinds of reasons for donors to give money—but sometimes their messaging does just the opposite, shows research by Christine Exley.

Jonas Heese and Vishal P.

Case study on business environment analysis

Baloria explore strategies used by companies to reduce the risk of potentially negative press, focusing on Fox News and the presidential election. How does the cultural background of executives affect the way in which they communicate with investors? This paper examines the impact of cultural backgrounds of individual managers based on their ethnic heritage on their disclosure narrative during earnings conference calls.

The capital market reacts to disclosure style in a predictable way: optimistic tone is associated with a positive stock return following the call. However, market participants do not adjust their interpretation of disclosure tone for firm value based on the cultural background of the management team. Professor Thales S. Teixeira says TV viewers lose purchasing interest when ads get too caught up in entertainment. His advice for the perfect pitch: tie together a good story and a compelling brand.

Closed for comment; 3 Comment s posted.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Papers People. The development of the media environment and the advertising market is closely interrelated. The current research demonstrates that this relationship is more significant than previously thought. To do so, we put forward several hypotheses designed to elucidate the ongoing changes.

The research results indicate a structural shift towards a growing share of Internet advertising 3. The study confirms the hypothesis that the advertising market is dramatically affected by the level of internet penetration, investments in the media and content sector, and the size of the profit and loss balance of organizations potential advertisers. The hypothesis that there is a correlation between the growth of the advertising market and the growth in the number of organizations operating in the economy was not confirmed.

One of the avenues for further studies is searching for useful tools to stimulate market development based on the patterns identified. Save to Library. Brand Purpose in aller Munde. Was gilt es in der werthaltigen Kommunikation von Marken zu beachten? Unternehmen positionieren sich gern mit Bezug auf die gesellschaftliche Relevanz ihres Unternehmenszwecks. Diese Orientierung findet sich Diese Orientierung findet sich zunehmend auch in der Kommunikation auf Markenebene.

Statt den Produktnutzen zu betonen, liefert die Markenkommunikation Input zu gesellschaftlichen Debatten wie Gleichstellung oder Nachhaltigkeit. Two Englands? Purpose: The purpose of the paper was to analyse the position of women in the advertising industry with the lens of organizational theory and Bourdieuian concept of habitus, to explore whether women are expected to embrace masculine Purpose: The purpose of the paper was to analyse the position of women in the advertising industry with the lens of organizational theory and Bourdieuian concept of habitus, to explore whether women are expected to embrace masculine characteristics to succeed and whether advertising industry can be seen as a masculine habitus.

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The data was analysed using thematic analysis. Findings: Women report masculine expectations as a condition to succeed in their careers and show large internalisation of masculine habitus. While women recognise that the position of men is better, they do not report challenging organisational structures that enforce masculine expectations of them, and they generally report having to communicate and behave like men to succeed.

Women in the north show more work satisfaction and report less sexism and career barriers. Besides, the study identified a regional divide in work experiences, which are linked to early socialisation. Practical implications: Employers wishing to present their brand as inclusive should consider the impact of organisational structure and design internal policies that promote inclusivity.

Social implications: Advertising industry has a mass reach, similar to one of the media, and reshaping organisational structure to foster inclusivity would enable more supportive and less stereotypical campaigns. Class origin and early socialisation influence communication and behaviour in adulthood, which influences career opportunities.

Investigating multilingual contexts in the Nigerian advertising space: A domain of intellectual stimulation. This study examined advertising, exhibiting multilingual structures to reach the Nigerian audience.We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website.

Integrated Marketing Communication IMC is a concept that links together messages and all forms of communication Percy Promotion is a critical aspect of marketing and by ensuring a good synchronization, the tools give better results when combined.

There are various levels of integration of the marketing communication including vertical, horizontal, internal, external, and data integration Yeshin All the integration levels work differently in strengthening integrated communications. Horizontal integration takes place across the marketing mix as well as in the business activities.

This implies that all the functions such as finance, production, communication, and distribution have to work together of because their decisions usually send a form of a message to the consumer.

Collecting and sharing departmental information is a function of data integration. Subsequently, vertical integration upholds various aspects of the corporate mission including both marketing and communication.

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Lastly, internal integration involves internal marketing whereby all the staff in the organizations has to be informed and motivated about the new corporate identities, advertisements and new service standards Shimp and Andrews Finally, external integration entails partnering with external bodies including PR agencies and advertising.

Integrated Marketing Communications is beneficial in that it creates a competitive advantage, saves money and time as well as boosts sales and profits on behalf of the organization Yeshin By ensuring integration of all marketing communication, the consumers are able to move through all the stages of buying and at the same time consolidating the image of the organization and improving customer relations. Subsequently, consolidated customer relations protect the organization against the inevitable onslaught of competition hence improving on their competitive advantage.

The following paper explores the aspects of Integrated Marketing Communication on Coca-Cola Company which introduced a new product to its long-standing line of soft drinks known as Coca-Cola Life. The paper analyses the current market situation of the product and seeks to determine their integrated marketing communications objectives.

In addition, the paper also seeks to develop an Integrated Marketing Communication program for the Life brand of Coca-Cola.

After the launch of the product, the marketing campaign was rolled out across 7, outdoor locations mainly on buses, digital screen ads and billboards across cities Mitchell Also, social media marketing indicated a positive response from the consumers.

Another form of integrated marketing campaign used for the Life brand was the introduction of a competition which was launched on 20 th September Roderick In this competition, Coca-Cola gave its customers opportunities to win various prizes via pop-up shops in London. Two years since the launch of the campaign, it has proven to be a successful Integrating marketing communication tool which as has seen a considerable growth for the Life brand and the Coca-Cola Company in general.

The strategy has satisfied all the aspects and specifications of Integrated Marketing Communication in that it mixed up the media outlets used marketing. However, in mixing the media outlets, Coca-Cola Company ensured a brand consistency when in the entire roll out Strausbaugh and Parente The effectiveness of an integrated marketing campaign can be altered by the way in which the message is being communicated.

This can be done by ensuring that the media platform leading the campaign is well selected. The driving factors behind the strategy must be well outlined.

By striking this balance, it is possible to come up with a successful Integrated Marketing Communication and ensuring consumer loyalty to the brand. Coca-Cola Life is a new product from Coca-Cola Company which was launched and introduced into the market in August Since its launching, the product has built up a loyal group of buyers.

However, the need to offer more healthy products was the motive behind the introduction of Coca-Cola life in Compared to the other soft drinks, Coca-Cola life has a third fewer sugar and calories.Librarian Community. Open Science. Research Intelligence. Research Community. Your Career. Behind every great marketer is the science of marketing and social media, with strategies, principles and techniques that are continually evolving. Professionals must not only keep pace with the latest tools and technologies — which enable them to target their communications and keep track of how and how many people respond — they must be communication experts who understand the importance of listening and observation.

Elsevier has a portfolio of marketing journals that address the challenges of marketing professionals and present the latest research. The publishers of this portfolio have made their most read and top-cited articles free until August 23, Here is their selection:. She has been with Elsevier and our sister companies for eight years.

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Thanks in advance for your time. About Elsevier. Set via JS. View by community or topic. Library Connect. Home Elsevier Connect Free research papers on social media and marketing. Kim, E.

research papers on marketing communications

Ko: " Do social media marketing activities enhance customer equity? An empirical study of luxury fashion brand " Most cited: N. Ndubisi: " Mindfulness, reliability, pre-emptive conflict handling, customer orientation and outcomes in Malaysia's healthcare sector " [divider] Industrial Marketing Management Most read: S.

Hoejimose, S. Brammer, A. Aarikka-Stenroos, E. Jaakkola: " Value co-creation in knowledge intensive business services: A dyadic perspective on the joint problem solving process " [divider] International Journal of Research in Marketing Most read: A.The listed line on your ticket is your official odds, unless starting pitcher is changed.

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